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You are a member of LIUNA Local 1686 covered by a collective bargaining agreement and as such have additional employment rights. Your rights derive from federal laws, state laws and your collective bargaining agreement. Your membership in Local 1686 gives you a very special right, and that is the right to union representation for an employment related violation of these rights.These rights include those granted by the Montana Collective Bargaining Act, FLSA, ADA, FMLA, and specific rights such as Weingarten for all employees. The majority of LIUNA Local contracts provide for “Just Cause” for termination after probation.

As a member of LIUNA local 1686 you are not required to know these rights and how they work. If you are having a job related difficulty you should call your Local 1686 Field Representative immediately, and discuss your problem. The earlier the union becomes involved in your problem, the more we may be able to do for you.

Your Union Contract gives you the right to fair treatment in hiring, promotion, transfer, and discipline, and it provides a process to protect your rights. You cannot be punished without Just Cause. You have the right to question the fairness of your employer, and your union is there to help you do it.

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